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Prof. Ahmed Sultan, M.Sc., Ph.D., MPH

Prof. Ahmed Sultan, M.Sc., Ph.D., MPH
Professor, Chairman & Director
Stem Cell & Molecular Cancer Research Unit
Alexandria University

Biography :

I am an active researcher in the areas of Clinical Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, and Cancer Stem Cell Biology. My innovated research focus on discovery new methods, techniques and new treatment strategies for different Metastatic cancers. In doing so, I envision a world where knowledge is continually harnessed to drive new value and support sustainable growth and enhance the life quality of the cancer patients. In Egypt, I established the state-of-the-art cancer research laboratory in 2010 at Alexandria University, focusing on isolation, culture, gene manipulation of Cancer Stem Cells vs human Cancer cells as a new strategy for cancer treatments.

Research Interest :

1-Biochemistry and molecular biology 2-Gene therapy and stem cell technology in cancer treatment. 3-Signal transduction in cancer molecular biology. 4-Genetically engineered animal models for breast and liver cancer. 5-Anti-cancer drug delivery: using new vehicle for carrying drugs ("Bioreactor") and its potential clinical application to get rid of excessive blood urea in patients with breast and liver cancer.