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Dr. Mohamed Shaheen, PhD

Dr. Mohamed Shaheen, PhD
Water Pollution Research Department, Environmental Research Division
National Research Center

Biography :

Dr. Shaheen has completed his PhD at the age of 31 years in the field of virology from Al-Azhar University. He work as associate professsor of virology at National Research Center, Dokki, Egypt. Shaheen has ten years experience in the field of virology. To date he has published several papers in reputed journals and international conferences, most of these publications he is the first and corresponding author. Dr. Shaheen has been awarded two short term visit as PhD fellow at Slovak Medical University in Slovak Republic and National institute for Cholera and Enteric Diseases in India. Also he has awarded two postdoctoral fellowships at Padua University in Italy and Liege University in Belgium. In addition to, Dr. Shaheen is an editorial Board member for several international peer reviewing journals

Research Interest :

- Viral epidemiology - Antiviral research in vitro and in vivo - Viral Pathogenesis and immunity - Virus-cell interaction