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MARCH 2020

Treatment of Vertebral Body Hemangiomas with Direct Ethanol Injection and Short Segment Stabilization: Description of Technique and Review of Literature
Sarat Chandra*
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Cervical Fusion for Neck Pain due to C1-2 Osteoarthritis
Ananya Chakravorty, Timothy Steel, Ellen Frydenberg* and Mitchell Fung
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Adjacent Segment Disease in Cervical Disc Arthroplasty
David Christopher Kieser*, Simon Mazas, Louis Boissiere, Ibrahim Obeid, Jean-Marc Vital, Vincent Pointillart and Olivier Gille
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Myelopathy Secondary to Thoracic Spondylolisthesis: A Cas Report and Review of the Literature
Yoshiyuki Tachi, Tetsuhito Okuda*, Eiju Hatano3 and Norio Kawahara1
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Tissue Injury Amplifies Further Tissue Injury in MS Demyelination
Lawrence M Agius*
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