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Volume: 4   Issue: 2


Development of Biosensing Systems for the Detection of Corona Virus: A Mini Review
Matin Mamoudifard*, Elena Ekrami, Sahar Asghari and Farzad Ramezani Ziarani
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Zootechnical Data Analysis in a Breeding Animal Facility: Tracing the Patterns of Mouse Production
Eloiza K G D Ferreira, Giovanny A C A Mazzarotto and Guilherme F Silveira*
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Assessment of Nutritional Anemia Among Patients Attending Kibagabaga District Hospital
Izere Cedrick*, Lakshmi Agarwal, Gisele Paulis Umuhoza, Diogene Rwayitare and G R Neel
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Clinical Predictors for the Diagnosis of Delusional Infestation
Katherine Edwards, Anokhi Jambusaria, Katherine Sebastian and Jason Reichenberg*
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Recurrent Malignant Rhabdoid Tumor of the Vulva on Mons Pubis with Reconstruction of Profunda Artery Perforator Flap (PAP Flap) and Gracilis Muscle Flap (TUG) and Review of the Literature
Jonathan Velazquez-Mujica*, Willerd Cadavid Lopez, Jose Humberto Cuellar and Hung-Chi Chen
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Factors Associated to the Search for Dental Care in High-Risk Pregnancy
Jessica Galvan*, Danielle Bordin, Cristina Berger Fadel, Alessandra Martins and Fabiana Bucholdz Teixeira Alves
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Can SARS-Cov-2 Infection Be Gagged? A Mini Review of Currently Available Potential Candidates Among the Heparin/Heparinoid Antithrombotics
H N Magnani*
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Case Study: Covid-19 Patient
Vijayaraddi Vandali* and Kamel Abdi
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