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Volume: 4   Issue: 1

APRIL 2021

Summary of How to Prepare Disinfectant in the Lab and Study the Effected of Chlorine Effervescent Tablets against Some Pathogenic Bacteria and Fungi
Mofeed Al Nowihi*, Abdu Faisal, Gawed Al Asbahi and Maher Al Absi
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Maternal Cardiac Arrest Immediate After Spinal Anesthesia for Cesarean Delivery: Case Report
Amanu Diriba*, Nega Desalegn and Feyisa Negasa
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The Chain is Broken: Limits of Global Blood Component Supply Become More Visible in Times of COVID-19
Arno P Nierich* and Rosita Bihariesingh Sanchit
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A Review on Effect of Methonolic Extract of Vitex Nigundo (L.) on Haloperidol Induced Catalepsy in Albino Mice
Sandeep Kumar Kamlekar* and Sangita Gupta
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Effect of Awake Positioning on Outcome of COVID-19 Patients on BiPAP Ventilator
Carolin Smita Kerketta, Heena Chhanwal*, Avni Thacker, Meshwa Desai and Tushar Patel
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