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Volume: 1   Issue: 3


Antifungal Activity of Staphyloccin Produce from MRSA and Resistance Pseudomonus aeruginosa Isolated from Clinical Specimen
Mais E Ahmed
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Changes in Quality Profile and Flavour Components of Coconut Sap during Natural Fermentation
Ramalakshmi K*, Nidheesh T, Chanukya BS and Jagan Mohan Rao L
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Technology and Quality of Hurdle Treated Meat Products
Anita Arya*, SK Mendiratta and Sanjay Kumar Bharti
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Wild Romanian Herbs - Therapeutic Benefits and Culinary Uses
Adina Segneanu*, Melinda Cepan, Ioan Grozescu, Claudiu Cepan, Nandina Vlatanescu, Arnold-Stefan Cepan, Sonia Ratiu, Sorin Marius Murariu, Sorin Olariu and Silvia Velciov
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Bacteriological Profile of Chicken Meat Products
Fahim A Shaltout*, Dina I El Zahaby, Lamiaa M Lotfy and Hala F El-Shorah
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