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Prof. Paul J. Higgins

Prof. Paul J. Higgins
Professor & Center Co-Director, Department of Surgery
Center for Cell Biology & Cancer Research, Albany Medical College, Albany, NY

Biography :

Paul J. Higgins received his Ph.D. degree in molecular biology from New York University in 1976. He joined the faculty of the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center and the Cornell University School of Medicine in 1977, where he was a member of the program on cell biology/genetics and the program on molecular biology/virology. Dr. Higgins is currently a Professor and Director of the Center for Cell Biology and Cancer Research at the Albany Medical College in Albany, New York. He was the founding Vice President of the Albany Research Institute and currently serves on the Board of Directors. He has been the Chairman of National Institutes of Health and Department of Defense Review Panels, and received several prestigious awards including the Moyer Award and, most recently, the 2008 Excellence Award in Molecular Medicine. Dr. Higgins has been a member of several journal editorial boards, edited books on cancer biology, and published more than 200 peer-reviewed scientific papers.

Research Interest :

Matrix Mediators of Wound Healing, Transcriptional Control of Stem Cell Metastasis of Breast Cancer, Regulation of Carotid Injury Genes, Neutrophil Extracellular Traps Interplay in Sepsis Coagulopathy, Transcriptional Control of Tissue Fibrosis