Journal of Blood Transfusions and Diseases(ISSN:2641-4023)

Journal of Blood Transfusions and Diseases(ISSN: 2641-4023) is international, open access, peer-reviewed, the scientific journal aims to publish high-quality original articles of clinical and research importance in Blood Disorders and Transfusions

Journal of Blood Transfusions and Diseases(ISSN: 2641-4023) provides a forum for researchers, physicians, and other health professionals of the highest standard to exchange useful clinical information with peer review by eminent Haematologists of repute in their respective fields.

Journal of Blood Transfusions and Diseases(ISSN: 2641-4023) journal with the highest impact factor offer an open-access platform to the authors to publish their research outcome. 

Journal of Blood Transfusions and Diseases(ISSN: 2641-4023) is an academic journal that focuses on all aspects of molecular genetics, pathophysiology and epidemiology as well as prevention, diagnosis, and management of blood disorders with current state of research in the field of transfusion medicine, haematology, Hemato-oncology, paediatric haematology, laboratory haematology, Neuropathy, Blood Donors, Thalassemia, Bone Marrow Transplantation, Anti-HBc, Haemo dilution, haemodialysis, Blood Stem Cell, blood disorders, Rh factor, blood cancer, Platelet disorders, Haemolytic Anaemia, Leukopenia, Antiphospholide Antibody Syndrome, White Blood Cell, Red Blood Cells, Systematic Lupus Erythematous, Lupus, Autoimmune Disorder, Blood Lymphocytes, Sickle Cell Disease, Haemostasis, Blood Group, Neutrophil Leucocytosis, Plasma Cell Disorder, Haemolytic Anaemia, Haemolytic Disease of the New-born, Neutropenia, Juvenile Myelomonocytic Leukaemia, Lymphocytosis, Eosinophilia, Autoimmune Haemolytic Anaemia, Blood Cancer.

Submissions include Research Articles, Review Articles, Mini-review, Case Reports, Opinion, Editorials, Rapid and Short Communications, Commentary as well as Letter to Editor from its readers. Submitted articles are subjected to stringent peer review and revision process before being accepted for publication, to maintain quality and significance of journal. The articles published are made freely and permanently accessible online immediately upon publication thus improving the citations for authors and attaining a good impact factor. 

Journal of Blood Transfusions and Diseases(ISSN: 2641-4023) welcomes submissions of manuscripts via Online Submission System or via email to the Editorial Office at [email protected] (or) [email protected]