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Chemotherapy Research Journal (ISSN: 2642-0236) is an international Open Access Journal Which focuses on present Strategies that treat several dreadful infections and diseases. Chemotherapy is a cancer treatment where medication is used to kill cancer cells. Depending upon the type of cancer the chemotherapy drugs are decided. These drugs are subdivided into specific classes such as alkylating agents, antimetabolites, anthracyclines and topoisomerase inhibitors. The medications which are given can either completely kill the cancer cells or stop the cell's replication. Chemotherapy can be given in many ways injections, intraperitoneal, oral, tropical and intravenous. The efficacy of chemotherapy depends on the type of cancer and the stage.

Chemotherapy Research Journal (ISSN: 2642-0236) mission is to present the theoretical and experimental research in the emerging field of chemotherapy. 

Chemotherapy Research Journal (ISSN: 2642-0236) strives to publish the highest quality manuscripts under a broad scope of topics like Cancer Biology, Immunology, Vaccinology, Stem Cell Transplantation, Surgery, and Radiotherapy.

Chemotherapy Research Journal (ISSN: 2642-0236) welcomes eminent manuscripts of Research/ Review/ Case Studies/ Short Communications/ Opinions/ Letter to Editors/ Mini Reviews/ Presentations/ Perspective Studies etc. for publication. The Journal is using double-blind peer-review for manuscript processing. Each article undergoes this peer review process under the aegis of an assigned Editor. To be acceptable for publication, an article should be positively considered by two individual reviewers followed by the Editor’s consent. A wide range of journals will help contribute a great measure of scientific information related to better medical advances.

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