International Journal of Bioprocess and Biotechnological Advancements (ISSN:2380-0259)

About The Journal

The International Journal of Bioprocess & Biotechnological Advancements (ISSN: 2380-0259) is an International Peer Review Journal covering a wide range of bioprocessing and biotechnology topics. The journal was lunched as a vehicle for the dissemination of scientific knowledge and research activities through the publication of peer-reviewed, high quality scientific materials on all topics relating to bioprocessing and biotechnology.


The goal of the journal is to provide a platform for scientists and academics all over the world to promote, share and discuss current developments and new advancements in the following areas of bioprocessing and biotechnology:

1. Animal biotechnology

2. Applied microbiology

3. Aromatic and medicinal technology

4. Bio and thermal processing of foods

5. Biocatalyst and biotransformation

6. Biochemical engineering

7. Biological engineering

8. Biomaterial technology

9. Biomedical engineering

10. Bioremediation and biodegradation

11. Bioscience and bioelectronics

12. Biotechnological applications

13. Bioenergy and biofuels

14. Biochemistry and biomaterials

15. Biomolecular engineering

16. Biopesticides

18. Bioprocess control

19. Bioreactor design and monitoring,

20. Bioreactor kinetics

21. Biosensors and bioinstrumentation

22. Bio-thermodynamics

23. Cell biology and physiology

24. Environmental biotechnology

25. Enzyme engineering

26. Environmental chemistry

27. Environmental monitoring and analysis

28. Fermentation technology

29. Genetic and genomic science

30. Genetic engineering

31. Heat and mass transfer,

32. Industrial biotechnology

33. Lipid biochemistry

34. Marine biotechnology

35. Metabolic engineering

36. Molecular biology

37. Nanoscience and nanotechnology,

38. Nnutraceuticals and pharmaceuticals

39. Plant biotechnology

40. Petroleum biotechnology

41. Postharvest technology

42. Protein chemistry

43. Tissue culture engineering

We are open for publishing high quality special issues on any important and timely subject that fits under the journal scope and can be organized by highly recognized Guest Editors. We are also open to publishing International conference proceedings that can be organized and edited by highly recognized Guest Editors..


We strongly support Open Access initiative and promise International Standards of publication following Robust Peer-Review through Editorial Manager System. All the submitted papers undergo a robust peer-review with at least three reviewers.  The accepted peer-reviewed papers will be published within 5-7 days. You may submit your paper online at the Manuscript Submission Tab or by Email as an attachment to our Editorial office, [email protected] We strive to continually improve the quality of the journal and seek your feedback and advise in this regard.