Journal of Genomic Medicine and Pharmacogenomics (ISSN:2474-4670)

Journal of Genomic Medicine and Pharmacogenomics (ISSN: 2474-4670) provides a platform to integrate the most recent development and ideas in the field of genomics and bioinformatics. The Journal strives to publish the highest quality scientific papers and review articles of interest to academic and industrial researchers. 

Journal of Genomic Medicine and Pharmacogenomics (ISSN: 2474-4670) is an international peer-reviewed journal committed to publish articles in all fields of bioinformatics and genomics thereby promoting knowledge sharing, collaborative and promotion of multidisciplinary science. 

Journal of Genomic Medicine and Pharmacogenomics (ISSN: 2474-4670) provide a forum for physicians, surgeons, researchers, scientists, clinicians and other healthcare professionals to find most recent advances in the areas of Functional genomics, Evolutionary and comparative genomics, Genomic technology, Computational biology, Modern genetics, Epigenomics, Genomic regulatory analysis, Medical Genomics, Genomic techniques, Cancer Pharmacogenomics, Clinical Pharmacogenomics, Drug Dosage Formulations, Drug Toxicity and Efficacy, Immune Disorders, Pharmacoeconomics in Drug Development, Pharmacogenetics, Pharmacogenomic Biomarker, Pharmacogenomics and Personalized Medicine, Pharmacogenomics Applications, Pharmacogenomics for Patient Care, Pharmacogenomics Future Medicine, Translational Medicine. Contact us at


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