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Dr. Michael Shoikhedbrod

Dr. Michael Shoikhedbrod
Active Director
Electromagnetic Impulse Inc.

Biography :

Dr. Shoikhedbrod is an Owner and Active Director of the Electromagnetic Impulse Inc. Canada. He worked as Director of Computer Centre of Tajik Ministry of Health and developed a new technology in oncology, lymph and blood purification and new forms of oncological drugs processing (1985 -1997). He completed his post-doctoral theoretical and experimental research in CNIIMASH (Central Scientific Research Institute of Machinebuilding), Cosmonaut Training Centre Moscow Region (1983 -1985). He has received a PhD in Computational modeling of physical processes in Earth, and microgravity conditions from All-Union Corresponding Institute of Light Industry of Moscow, former USSR in 1983. He has completed his M.S. in Theoretical physics in the Tajik State University, Dushanbe Tajikistan in 1977. He has published more than 20 peer-review articles and 10 books.

Research Interest :

Computational modeling of physical and medical processes and creation on this base new technological methods in physics: separation, degassing and control in many phase systems in Earth, and microgravity conditions; in medicine: cancer process modeling, lymph and blood purification and new forms of oncological drugs processing.