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Dr. A. H. Bandivdekar

Dr. A. H. Bandivdekar
Deputy Director
National Institute for Research in Reproductive Health

Biography :

Dr Atmaram Bandivdekar completed his Ph D Degree at the age of 31 years from Mumbai University. Bandivdekar was the Post-Doctoral and Carrier fellow at Population Council, New York. He was also the visiting scientist at UC Davis Primate Center. He is the Deputy Director of National Institute for Research in Reproductive Health which is the premier Institute in India in the field of Reproductive Health Research. He has published more than 70 papers in peer reviewed journals and also the book and two conference proceedings. He also has six National and International awards for his scientific contributions. Bandivdekar is actively involved research on understanding sexual transmission of HIV and development of preventive and therapeutic vaccine and formulation for prevention of HIV transmission.

Research Interest :

Reproductive Biology, Endocrinology, Biochemistry, Virology and Immunology