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Dr. Farahnaz Barahuie

Dr. Farahnaz Barahuie
Assistant Professor
Engineering Faculty
Sistan and Baluchestan University,

Biography :

Farahnaz Barahuie received her PhD degree in Nanosciences from Institute of Advanced Technology, University Putra Malaysia in 2015. She joined the University of Sistan and Baluchestan in 2016, where she is currently an Assistant Professor. Her research is focused on using various nanoparticles (metal, metal oxide, polymer and carbon materials) and nanocomposites for drug and gen delivery and sensing applications, Nanoenergy and nanomaterials for carbon dioxide capture.

Research Interest :

1. Drug delivery and biosensing application of layered double hydroxide, layered hydroxide, graphene, graphene oxide, activated carbon, fullerene, CNT, various metal and metal oxide nanoparticles, chitosan, liposome, polyethylene glycol etc. Key interests are nanomedcience in particularly drug and gen delivery, bioimaging and biosensing for theranostic applications 2. Tissue engineering 3. Nanoenergy 4. Nanomaterials for carbon dioxide capture 5. Water treatment