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Prof. Befekadu Teshome Yeshitila

Prof. Befekadu Teshome Yeshitila
Researcher & Chief Health Science Professional
Ethiopian Biodiversity Institute

Biography :

I am Chief Health Science professional in Medical Microbiology. I have a total of eighteen years of work experience in the area of research and teaching profession. I am currently a researcher at Ethiopian Biodiversity Institute in the position of Bacteriologist. I have been working there for the last six years. I have spent those years being engaged in research works independentely and interdependentely with others, and published research articles in journals at international level. I had served as Bacterial Biodiversity case-team coordinator. I acquired the skills of designing research proposals/projects, conducting research, analyzing data and writing research articles. I developed tremendous experience and skills in leading the planning, organizing, monitoring, evaluating and reporting activities of research works. These years of work experience gave me a huge opportunity to develop the skills, experience and practical knowledge of Microbiology techniques related to Medical Microbiology, Food Microbiology and Environmental Microbiology, and made me fit and efficient to undertake the role of Microbiologist effectively.

Research Interest :

I acquired technical knowledge of operating Biolog microbial identification systems and API microbial identification systems. I provided several in-service training in laboratory quality management system, microbiological techniques; Laboratory and Biosafety training. In addition, I had developed the experience to organize and lead field works which gave me the opportunity to cruise every corner of Ethiopia. In teaching profession, I had taught at different academic levels. I served as Medical Microbiology and Pharmaceutical Microbiology Instructor in Ethio- national medical college and Tropical College of medicine for two years. I also served as a high school teacher. In those years of my teaching career, I developed the skills of planning, organizing and implementing various teaching activities and assessment techniques.