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Prof. Zhihai Qin

Prof. Zhihai Qin
Principal Investigator, Institute of Biophysics
Chinese Academy of Sciences

Biography :

c. The manner of immune surveillance against tumor. For the majority of tumors that are induced by non-infectious inflammation, evidences are still lacking for the conventional theories of immune surveillance and immunogenic cell death (Nature Immunol, 2004). My group has done series of studies on mechanisms for anti-tumor immunity using the model of chemical carcinogen induced tumorigenesis. Our researches demonstrate that the repair of tissue injured by certain carcinogens in the host (foreign-body reaction) is another mechanism for immune surveillance against tumor. IFN inhibits the carcinogenesis by promoting this foreign-body reaction(J Exp Med,2002). Depletion of the fibroblasts that surround the carcinogens can induce the variation of the type of tumor induced by a same carcinogen(Cancer Research,2013). Besides, upon the stimulation of foreign bodies, fibroblasts can secrete MCP-1 to recruit macrophages into injured tissues, to promote local inflammation and tumor formation(Am J Pathol, 2011)

Research Interest :

Inflammation in tumor microenvironment