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Dr. Manoj M Jagtap

Dr. Manoj M Jagtap
Associate Professor
Sharir Rachana department
Dr. G. D. Pol foundation’s YMT ayurvedic Medical College

Biography :

Being a registered Ayurved practitioner, I am binded to my duties. To gain knowledge is my habit. Hard working is the key of my success. I always a good wishes of the client. More than 12 years experience as a physician with significant achievements in developing care-taking strategies, coaching ayurvedic practitioners on healthcare business and practice issues.

Research Interest :

Research project on Raktadhara kala w.s.r.t liver Research project on Ayurvedic study of Parshnipradesh (heel region) w.s.r.t. heel pain Research project on Evaluation of Avayav Utpatti Siddhanta w.s.r.t cancer metastasis