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Dr. Mona S. ELkutry

Dr. Mona S. ELkutry
Associate Professor
Nutrition and Food Science
Ain Shams University

Biography :

Nutrition and herbs thereby, Relationship between diseases and nutrition, The modern life and their effect on healthy life, Nutrition Education program, Role Nutrients as antitoxicity, Using modern technology in increased nutrition awareness.

Research Interest :

• Certified Trainer and Member of Faculty and Leadership Development Project (FLDP) licensed by IBCT. • Ph. D, (Excellent ), Nutrition and Food science in - Ain shames University 2005 . • Titled: “Role of Nigella Sativa on Heavy Metals Induced Toxicity in Albino Rats ". • M.Sc., ( Excellent ) Education .- Specific Education Faculty-, Cairo, Egypt 2001 . • Titled: " Nutrition Education Program For Literacy Females . • I having many publication in Nutrition field .