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Dr. Akram Asbeutah, PhD, DMU, AMS, ASAR

Dr. Akram Asbeutah, PhD, DMU, AMS, ASAR
Associate Professor
Radiologic Sciences Department, Faculty of Allied Health Sciences
uwait University and Adjunct Monash Universitry

Biography :

Akram’s career in ultrasound spans 15 years and he is one of Australia’s most highly regarded sonographers especially in the field of vascular ultrasound. Akram initially obtained his Bachelor of radiologic sciences in 1986 from Kuwait university-Faculty of Allied Health Sciences and then obtained his Master degree in Anatomy from Kuwait University-Faculty of Medicine in 1994 then he completed examinations in the Diploma of Medical Ultrasound (General) in Australia and as a Registered Technologist in the USA. In 2006 Akram completed his PhD thesis at Monash University entitled “What makes the veins incompetent”? Which identified a previously unreported pattern of varicose veins as well as establishing the prevalence of several less recognized causes of venous disease. Akram’s wealth of knowledge as well as his passion and enthusiasm for research and education are reflected in his highly regarded presentations. Since 2002 Akram has been a clinical senior lecturer at the Department of Radiologic Sciences-Faculty of Allied Health Sciences, Kuwait University, providing comprehensive training in radiologic Imaging, Musculoskeletal and Vascular Ultrasound Imaging in a clinical environment. He is currently hold an assistant professor position at Department of Radiologic Sciences, Faculty of Allied Health Sciences, Kuwait University and He is appointed as an adjunct senior lecturer to Monash University, Faculty of Medicine, Department of Medical Imaging from 1/6/2014 till 1/6/2018. Akram presents regularly at national and international meetings and has published a number of papers. Since 1992 he has conducted numerous training courses in radiography as well as Ultrasound with attendees from local as well as international. Akram is actively a member of Australian Society of Ultrasound in Medicine, Australian Sonographers Association, Accredited Medical Sonographer, American Registered Radiologic Technologist, involved in the education and accreditation of the ultrasound profession as a clinical tutor at Kuwait University, and an examiner for the Radiologic Technologists at Kuwait University-Kuwait.

Research Interest :

Radiologic Imaging & Processing, Anatomy, Fundamentals of Radiologic Sciences, Clinical Practicum, Radiographic Pathology, Patient Care & Management, Anatomy for Nursing, etc