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Prof. Joyce Teng, MD PhD, FAAD

Prof. Joyce Teng, MD PhD, FAAD
Director of Pediatric Dermatology, Director of Pediatric Dermatology Fellowship
Department of Dermatology and Pediatrics Stanford University School of Medicine

Biography :

There have been approximately 300 patients with vascular anomalies being evaluated in our well-known multidisciplinary vascular anomaly clinics at Stanford during the past decade. We have one of the largest cohorts of lymphatic malformation (LM) patients in Northern California. I am currently the director of pediatric dermatology as well as the co-director of vascular anomaly clinics at Stanford. Working with specialists from variously disciplines, we have developed a comprehensive approach to the diagnosis and management of patients with this challenging disorder. For the past two years, we have performed retrospective reviews of all LM patients that have been seen in Stanford and established a clinical registry to follow the patients’ disease progression and response to clinical as well surgical intervention. In addition, we have developed a tissue repository program to investigate genotype-phenotypeand genotype-imaging correlations as well as the effects of targeted novel therapies. As the director of pediatric dermatology, he has the research experience, as well as access to this unique group of patients and research facility that is necessary to complete this study.

Research Interest :

Pediatric Dermatology, family medicine