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Dr. A.H.M. Saifuddin

Dr. A.H.M. Saifuddin
Department of Pharmacy
Jahangirnagar University

Biography :

A H M Saifuddin is a young researcher from Bangladesh. He graduated from Jahangirnagar University specializing in Pharmacy in 2016. His main research interests include Pharmaceutical formulation, molecular biology. Throughout the last year of his undergraduate studies he worked with the solid dispersion, titled as “Formulation and preparation of gliclazide capsule by solid dispersion”. It is his conviction that, a perfect professional is not born merely out of reading books, but also through the acquisition of knowledge from various other sources. The quality neither is acquired; rather developed through the acquisition of knowledge from various sources. Besides academic and research activities, he was and still am involved with some extracurricular and club activities.

Research Interest :

Drug delivery, molecular biology, pharmaceutical formulation