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Dr. Reena

Dr. Reena
Assistant Professor
Department of Anaesthesiology
Heritage Institute of Medical Sciences

Biography :

This section is written as a narrative in the first person as I feel that the heart and soul of being a good doctor cannot and should not be reduced to a series of bullet points... My approach to professional excellence is simple. I treat people as I would like members of my own family to be treated. I am approachable, friendly and try to establish empathy early in a consultation. My policy is complete openness and honesty. I keep up to date and learn from my patients. I know my own strength and limitations. I don't hesitate to discuss difficult problems with colleagues and refer on when necessary. As someone who has always been very goal oriented, I am looking forward to join as assistant professor, anaesthesiology in your hospital. My experience to date has prepared me to deal with many obstacles and also has shown me the determination; resilience, strength and caring, that are a part of my character. As I look towards my future in Anaesthesia, pain management and critical care, I believe these characteristics will enable me to succeed and be a valuable asset to the profession. My experiences have been very rewarding because I have identified with patients and admired their courage in the face of an uncertain prognosis. I anticipate that working in India’s prime institute will be equally rewarding and look forward with enthusiasm.

Research Interest :

• Administer general and local anaesthesia • Determine anaesthetics to be used, considering factors as patient's condition and operation to be performed • Record observations • Formulate plans and procedures for anaesthesiology services • Assign nurses and medical technicians • Advice on kinds and quantity of anaesthesiology supplies and equipment • Schedule use and provide for maintenance of surgical suite, including operating, wash up and waiting rooms, and anaesthetic and sterilizing equipment • Coordinate anaesthesiology services with other medical activities • Maintain life support (BLS /ACLS) • Manage pain clinic • Manage ICU care facilities