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Prof. Dr. Essam Fadel A. Al-Juamily

Prof. Dr. Essam Fadel A. Al-Juamily
Baghdad University

Biography :

Dissertation Supervision: Ph.D, Master and higher Diploma in Biotechnology; Supervised the thesis of 100 graduate students in different molecular research, projects and as follows: 35 Ph.D students; 55 MSc students; 10 Graduate Diploma. My scientific career spans a period of 40 years during which I worked in academic teaching, supervision, scientific administration and consultancies. In 1999, I founded the Institute of Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology (IGEB) for graduate studies in the University of Baghdad, with Prof. Dr. Ali A. Al-Zaag deanship, the IGEB has been recognized as one of Iraq’s advanced research institutions. I have four inventors patents :- 1. Inventors patent under NO 4604 and A patent application No. 2016/87 under title : MAKE NEW ELISA KIT TO DIAGNOSIS CANDIDA ALBICANS (CA18) 2. Inventors patent under NO 4722 and A patent application No. 2016/248 under title : Design and Evaluation of Antibacterial Activity (Insilco & Invitro) of New Quinoline-2-oneDerivatives for Inhibition Pseudomonas aeruginosa’s Growth Isolated from Iraqi patients. 3. Inventors patent under NO 4978 and A patent application No. 2016/576 under title : Production Egg Yolk Antibodies (IgY) in Hens By Using Glucosyltransferase purified from local Isolate Streptococcus mutans (Serotype C). 4. Inventors patent under NO 5049 and A patent application No. 2016/ 477 under title: Cloning and Extracellular Expression of Thermostable Alkaline Protease Gene from Bacillus stearothermophilus AEAL2 in Pichia pastoris .

Research Interest :

Microbial Biotechnology; Enzyme Biotechnology; Biosafety and Biotechnology and Purification of Biotechnology materials with downstream production and Published 235 scientific research papers.