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Prof. Dr. Milton S. Speer

Prof. Dr. Milton S. Speer
Climate Change Research Centre
The University of South Wales, Sydney NSW 2052,

Biography :

Milton is an independent consultant to industry as a meteorologist with more than 20 years research experience, including applied mesoscale modelling, and extensive experience before that as an operational weather forecaster with the Australian Bureau of Meteorology. His research interests cover a variety of fields in weather and climate, particularly focusing on southeast Australia and include severe weather and air quality modelling, mesoscale and synoptic scale meteorology, extratropical climate, and climate variability and change. He collaborates with atmospheric groups at universities and government institutions in Australia, the USA, Korea and China.

Research Interest :

Applied mesoscale meteorological modelling including the following phenomena:- Severe storms; East coast lows; Air quality phenomena; Extratropical climate variability and change; Synoptic and mesoscale meteorology