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Prof. Dr. Hyo Choi

Prof. Dr. Hyo Choi
Professor & Director General
Atmospheric & Oceanic Disaster Research Institute
Gangneung 25563

Biography :

Dr. Hyo Choi is meteorologist, environmental scientist and physical oceanographer with over 40 years experiences in numerical modeling researches as Overseas invited senior researcher (by Korean Government) of Korea Ocean Research & Development Institute (KORDI; now KIOST), Korea Advanced Institute of Science & Technology (KAIST), Ministry of Science & Technology, a high level-Researcher (nominated by President of Korean Government) of National Fisheries & Research Development Institute (NFRDI), Ministry of Maritime Affairs & Fisheries, and Full Professor (nominated by President of Korean Government) of Gangneung-Wonju National University, Korea. He obtained 2 Ph.D. degrees from USA (Dept. of Civil Engineering, University of Texas at Austin, TX; 1984) and China (College of Environmental Sciences, Peking University, Beijing; 2004). His research interests cover a variety of fields in Meteorology-(Weather and climate change, Wind storm, Snow storm, Severe disaster-flood, fog, cyclogenesis, Tropical cyclones, Air-sea interaction, Atmospheric boundary layer process, Internal gravity waves), Environmental Science & Engineering-(Health GIS and Modeling, Air pollution modeling and data analysis), and Physical Oceanography-(Ocean wave & circulation modeling, Ocean environment modeling for fishery, Oceanic internal waves, Chlorophyll-a, Upwelling) in collaboration with universities and government institutions in Korea, USA, Canada, England, Russia, Germany, France, Belgium, Nigeria, Iran, Turkey, India, Australia, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, China, Japan, Chile and Mexico, etc.. He acted as not only Interpreter and Investigator of Korea Antarctic Scientific Expedition Team for two times (1985~1987), but also Korean Government Representative for Inter-governmental Meetings on Antarctic Treaty and Science Policies and then received National Order of Civil Merit-Mogryeon Medal from Korean Government. He has been Council member of Ministry of Environment, Ministry of Maritime and Fishery Affairs, Ministry of Education of Korean Government, and Evaluation (or Deliberation) Committee Members of institutes controlled by Korean Government (Korean Science & Engineering Foundation (KOSEF), Korea Research Foundation (KRF), National Research Foundation (NFR), Korea Institute of Science & Technology Information (KISTI), National Institute of Environmental Research (NIER), Korea Hydrographic & Oceanographic Agency (KHOA), National Fishery Research & Development Institute (NFRDI), etc.) and Provincial Governments of Korea. He has performed his duties on President of Korean Environmental Sciences Society for 2 years (2002~2003), President and Vice President of Asia-Oceania Geosciences Society (AOGS; 60 nations; Singapore -Atmospheric & Oceanic Sciences sections) for 5 years (2005~2009) and Deputy Director General of International Biographical Centre (UK) (2005~Present). He has been Director General of East Sea Regional Research Institute (1989~1991) and Dean of the Graduate School, Gangneung-Wonju National University two times (2009~2012). In present, he is Director General of Atmospheric & Oceanic Disaster research Institute, Korea, High-end Foreign Expert of South China Sea Institute of Oceanology, Chinese Academia Sinica (CAS), China, Adjunct Professor of Zhejiang Ocean University, China and Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission (IOC) of UNESCO—WESTPAC Working Group Member on Tropical Cyclones, etc. He has been also acting as Editor-in-Chief of 13 international journals (USA, Singapore, India, Korea) and Editor of 30 ones (USA, United Kingdom, Italy, Canada, Switzerland, Singapore, India, Nigeria, Hong Kong) in the fields of Environment & Pollution, Disaster, Agriculture, Water resources, Hydrology, GIS, Physical sciences, Civil Engineering and Ocean Engineering, Oceanography, Fishery and Meteorology. He has served as not only Committee Member, Keynote Speaker, Invited Speaker and Plenary Lecturer but also more than 100 times Session Chair or Convener of many International Conferences in the world. Thus, he is very fluent to control both scientific and administrative affairs and to construct international networks.

Research Interest :

1)Severe weather (Meteorology and GIS)– Climate change, Gust & Wind storm, Heavy rainfall, Heavy snowfall, Internal Gravity Waves, Flood, Fog, Urban heat waves, Cold waves, Ice rain,Typhoon structure, Meso-cyclogenesis, Climate GIS, Atmospheric Boundary Layer-Convective Boundary layer, Thermal Internal Boundary Layer, Inversion layer, Marine Atmospheric Boundary Layer 2) Air pollution modeling (Environmental Engineering and GIS) – Duststorm transport modeling and monitoring, Air quality management on aerosol and gas, Pollution impact to health and forest, Pollution GIS 3) Oceanography & Climate (Oceanography and GIS) – Physical oceanography modeling, Cold sea outbreak, Ocean wave prediction, Ocean current modeling, Typhoon track, Coastal lows, Marine wind storm, Marine fog, Marine disaster prevention, Ocean environment modeling and analysis for fisheries 4) Antarctic Climate (Climatology & Logistics) – Artic & Antarctic climate modelings, Weather forecasting & analysis, Low-level jet, Antarctic expedition & logistics ((77)) RESEARCH PROJECTS (Since 2000) ((88)) RESEARCH FIELDS