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Dr. Bok Cheng Mortimer, Ph.D.

Dr. Bok Cheng Mortimer, Ph.D.
National Hearing Care
Warwick Clinic

Biography :

Since 2004, I have been working in the National Hearing Care Warwick Clinic as an audiologist, and then a senior audiologist until date, with duties shown below. • Perform routine hearing assessment and speech tests, educate clients and members of the family regarding diagnosis of the assessment, hearing loss, and the long term effect of hearing loss on speech discrimination and cognitive abilities. • Evaluate a wide range of external ear, ear canal, ear drum, and Eustachian tube conditions • Explain and discuss the options for therapeutic and/or rehabilitation procedures, costs of rehabilitation and the conditions for the government Office of Hearing Services subsidized services. • Fit different types of hearing aids according to the needs and individual circumstances of each client and tutor the usage and management of the hearing aids. • Routinely monitor and record progress in response to each individual rehabilitation. • Documentation of consultation and NOAH reports and complete the billing and OHS claiming process in timely manners. • Training and mentoring new audiologists and customer service officers

Research Interest :

• Excellent client care and expertise in hearing assessment, diagnosis, and rehabilitation procedures and management programs • Broad understanding of client needs and build good client rapport • Adaptive to changing environment and quick at learning new skills and techniques • Trilingual, fluent in English, Malaysian, Mandarin and a few Chinese dialects • Knowledgable and read widely, able to connect with clients on different topics. • I am deeply committed to delivering quality services, empathy, patient, and care for the hearing impaired. • I am a team player with strong interpersonal skills and work with good time management.