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Prof. Saartjie Roux (BSc, MSc, D Med Sci, H Ed D)

Prof. Saartjie Roux (BSc, MSc, D Med Sci, H Ed D)
Dept Biochemistry and Microbiology
Nelson Mandela University
South Africa

Biography :

Metabolic Syndrome: Insulin resistance, Type 2 diabetes, Medicinal plants, Bile acids, Bile acid receptors, Colorectal cancer, Gold nanoparticles.

Research Interest :

Saartjie Roux, a Physiologist, received her Doctorate in Medical Sciences from Pretoria University (South Africa). In 1988 she was appointed as lecturer at the University of Port Elizabeth in the Department of Biochemistry and Microbiology. Currently she is associate professor at the Nelson Mandela University (Port Elizabeth). Saartjie Roux and her research students investigated in an in vivo model metabolic pathways leading towards insulin resistance. They also look at the metabolic effects of South African medicinal plants that can efficiently treat diabetes. In the recent years it became clear to them that changes in the liver can affect bile acid metabolism. Bile acids influence the microbiota and can contribute to colorectal cancer. Microbiota and colorectal cancer have therefore also become strong research areas and the link with metabolic syndrome. Her research group is also synthesizing gold nanoparticles, conjugated with a relevant peptide, for early diagnosis of colorectal cancer.