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Dr. Poorani G Sundaresan Ph.D.

Dr. Poorani G Sundaresan Ph.D.
Cell Culture
Navya Biologicals

Biography :

ompleted Doctorate from Anna University from the Department of Medical Physis and has the following skill set * Synthesis and Characterization of Gold Nano spheres and Gold Nano rods (GNPs) * Interaction of GNPs with Biomolecules * pH , Temperature and Biocompatibility assay * Cytotoxicity and Photohemolysis of Gold nanospheres * Plasmonic photo therapeutic (PPT) effect of GNPs in cell lines * Laser and GNP in cell Lines * LED and GNP in cell lines * Mechanism of Plasmonic PhotoTherapy

Research Interest :

∗ Cell culture : CHO cells, cancer cells ∗ Clone development and pure clone Isolation ele * Electroporation ∗ Suspension cell culture ∗ ∗ Malignant and Normal cell lines ∗ ∗ Cancer therapeutics ∗ DNA digestion and purification ∗ Gel Electrophoresis ∗ Fluorescence Microscopy ∗ ELISA