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Dr. Alaa El-Din Ahmed Bekhit, PhD (Lincoln), MSc (Reading), BSc Hons (Alexandria)

Dr. Alaa El-Din Ahmed Bekhit, PhD (Lincoln), MSc (Reading), BSc Hons (Alexandria)
Researcher Scientist
Lincoln University
New Zealand

Biography :

Aladin is a meat scientist and food technologist. Aladin has a varied background with experience in engineering, biochemistry and technology which allows him to tackle research problems with a multi-disciplined approach. He has previously been employed as a research scientist for AgResearch, as well as lecturer at Lincoln University. Aladin is interested in muscle biochemistry and other factors that control meat quality (particularly colour and tenderness), as well as waste utilization. Waste utilization is a growing field, increasing in its importance across industries and particularly for the food industry. Global food shortages and rising production costs are making the retention and use of valuable by-products more and more necessary. Aladin is particularly interested in the recovery of bioactive compounds from food waste, and until recently he was the only New Zealand academic working in this area. Aladin always encourages his research students, whether they are doing PGDip, Master’s thesis or PhD, to produce information that is publishable and useful to the field, and to get involved in the scientific community.

Research Interest :

o Waste utilization in general with the aim of recovering bioactive compounds from food waste. o Biochemistry of muscle foods. o How different processing options or interventions can manipulate food quality, specifically meat. o Interdisciplinary research.