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Dr. Xiuli Dan, PhD.

Dr. Xiuli Dan, PhD.
Dr. Vilhelm Bohr’s lab
National Institute of Health

Biography :

After I got my Bachelor’s education at Sichuan University in 2011, I started my PhD training under the supervision of Dr.Tzibun NG who has established great reputation in the study of bioactive proteins for a variety of applications, like anti-fungi, anti-cancer and anti-HIV etc. My PhD research was mainly focused on the screening and purification of anti-cancer proteins from edible natural sources and have published7papers as the first author in prestigious journals. After my graduation in 2015, I continued my research for one more at Prof. Ng’s lab year as a research associate. I started my postdoc training at Dr. Dr. Vilhelm Bohr’s lab at NIH since July 2017 and is currently working the molecular mechanism of aging.

Research Interest :

I am working on the molecular mechanism of aging induced by DNA damage on premature animal models(cockayne syndrome and ataxia telangiectasia mouse model).