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Dr. Lee, Shih-Yi, MD, MSc, PhD.

Dr. Lee, Shih-Yi, MD, MSc, PhD.
Pharmacology Specialist
Medical Intensive Care Unit
MacKay Memorial Hospital

Biography :

I am a medical doctor working in medical center, and specialized in critical care and pulmonary medicine. I have been in charge of Medical Intensive Care Unit, respiratory critical care unit, regular wards, and outpatient clinics. For academic qualification, I studied in physiology and got the master degree in 2011, and specialized in pharmacology and got the doctoral degree in 2016. Translation medicine is my favorite, and fortunately I have published several articles, some of them are in high citation journals, with topics in this field. I believe that translation the findings of basic science into clinical practicable management for human diseases are the aim of medical research. Alternatively, a clinical dilemma could be a valuable research topic to discover the resolution and update the knowledge of science. I will keep on moving for it. I have been an executive editor of International Journal of Gerontology, and put effort and luckily made it qualified as one of the SCI journal in the very first years in 2008, and the journal got its highest citations in 2009. I am also one of the editor of Case Reports in Pulmonology, and have been a reviewer of several journals.

Research Interest :

Basic Medical Science, Translation Medicine, Critical Care, Gerontology, and Pulmonary Medicine.