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Dr. Jiro Kishimoto, Ph.D.

Dr. Jiro Kishimoto, Ph.D.
Section Director
Regenerative Medicine Research & Business Development Section,
Shiseido Global Innovation Center, Shiseido CO.,LTD.

Biography :

Dr. Jiro Kishimoto has obtained his PhD from Kyoto Universityin 1994. After joining Shiseido Research Center, he was trained in neuroscience in University of Cambridge / MRC in U.K. in 1991-1993, and also in dermatology as a research fellow in MGH/Harvard Cutaneous Biology Research Center (CBRC) during 1996-1999. He developed hair follicle reconstitution model system and proved the involvement of Wnt pathway for hair inductivity. After his appointment as a head of Hair Research Lab. and Skin Biology Research Lab. at Shiseido, he is currently section director of Regenerative Medicine Research & Business Development Section since 2015. He is a council member of SHSR, JSID, and a member of JSRM, and reviewed for many journals including JID, JDS, and Tissue engineering.

Research Interest :

Hair Biology, Keratinocyte biology, Dermatology, Developmental biology, Stem cell biology, Regenerative Medicine,