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Dr. Paul C. Mocombe, Ph.D.

Dr. Paul C. Mocombe, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Philosophy and Sociology at West Virginia State University
The Mocombeian Foundation, Inc.

Biography :

Paul C. Mocombe is a Haitian philosopher and sociologist. A former Visiting Professor of Philosophy and Sociology at Bethune Cookman University, Assistant Professor of Philosophy and Sociology at West Virginia State University, and the President/CEO of The Mocombeian Foundation, Inc., he is interested in the application of his theory of phenomenological structuralism to contemporary issues such as the constitution of consciousness, race, class, and capitalism (globalization). Dr. Mocombe is the author of, The Theory of Phenomenological Sructuralism; Haitian Epistemology; Identity and Ideology in Haiti; Jesus and the Streets; Race and Class Distinctions Within Black Communities; Language, Literacy, and Pedagogy in Postindustrial Societies; A labor Approach to the Development of the Self or Modern Personality: The Case of Public Education, Education in Globalization; Mocombe’s Reading Room Series; and The Mocombeian Strategy: The Reason for, and Answer to Black Failure in Capitalist Education.

Research Interest :

• African and Diasporic Studies • Ancient and Medieval Philosophy • Philosophy of Religion • Philosophy of Science • Sociological Theory • Sociology of Development • Sociology of Globalization • Sociology of Education • Social Problems • Introduction to Sociology • Advance Research Methods and Statistics • Social Psychology • Sociology of Work and Welfare • Contemporary Philosophy • Modern Philosophy • Ethics • Philosophy and Sociology of Religion