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Dr. J. Shankaraswamy

Dr. J. Shankaraswamy
Assistant Professor
Department of Fruit Science & Post Harvest Technology
Sri Konda Laxman Telangana State Horticultural University

Biography :

Dr. J. Shankaraswamy is an Assistant Professor in the College of Horticulture, Mojerla, at Sri Konda Laxman Telangana State Horticultural University, Telangana, India. He is an Editorial member of several reputed International Journals. He has been awarded Gilbert Ling award for his outstanding contribution for the role of EZ water on genomic DNA and he is a specialist in Horticulture & Value addition and Post-Harvest Engineering and process technology of Agricultural commodities. He is chancellor’s Gold medalist in Horticulture, National Award winner of National Horticulture talent search for food security issues in India. He is an expert in multidisciplinary science.

Research Interest :

His main theme areas of research and goal for future include Natural farming, Post-harvest Technology, and value addition and fruit science, natural product formulation and drug discovery for different lifestyle diseases, Nanotechnology, Chemoinformatic, Horticulture therapy, Plant DNA barcoding.