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Dr. Uqbah Iqbal

Dr. Uqbah Iqbal
Socioeconomic Researcher
Research for Social Advancement

Biography :

1) Certificate of Completion Commit to Higher Altitude & Master Performance (CHAMP) training program (2018) (AIA Premier Academy) 2) First Introductory Sales Training (FIST) 2.0 (2017) (AIA Premier Academy) 3) TBE Takaful Basic Examination (2017) (Islamic Banking and Finance Institute Malaysia) 4) Doctor of Philosophy (History) (2015) (National University of Malaysia) Dissertation - The History of the Look-To-The-East Idea: Japanese Interests in the Malaysian Socio-Economic Development (1906-1980) 5) Master of Business Administration (2012) (Universiti Tenaga Nasional) Case Study - Desaru Enterprise Berhad: The Needs of Training Department and Salary Payment 6) Bachelor of Social Sciences with Honours (International Relation) (2008) (National University of Malaysia) Thesis - Look East Policy: Implications on Malaysia-Japan Relationship

Research Interest :