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Prof. Hesham Rashid

Prof. Hesham Rashid
Department of Cardiolody
Benha University Hospital

Biography :

Dr. Hesham Rashid obtained his Bachelor Degree in internal medicine in 1989, the Degree of master in cardiology (Msc) in 1994, and doctorate (MD) in cardiology in 2001 of Benha collage of medicine/Egypt. He began his clinical practice in Egypt since 1990, its major in cardiac medicine, coronary care unit, and cardiac catheterization at Benha University Hospital/Egypt. He has made in basic and clinical study over 24 years, the projects of his taken including in the studies of cardiovascular disease. He has given general or oral presentations at the Conferences of Egyptian society of cardiology in previously, Successful completion of the education program on 4 D Echo & Multidimensional Imaging (International Academy Of Medical Ultrasound) at Vienna 2009. ; He published about 20 articles and supervision for more than 30 thesis researches for master and MD degree. During his medicine practice since 1991, he has experienced the titles as a trainer, Resident Doctor, Assistant lecturer, lecturer, associated Professor at cardiology department till 2014, now professor cardiology from December 2014, Benha University Hospital.

Research Interest :