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Dr. Xuying Xu

Dr. Xuying Xu
Department of Chinese Medicine Surgery
Beijing Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Biography :

Xu Xuying, male, doctor, chief physician, master's tutor, the fourth batch of academic heirs of the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine. For the "100 million" talents in Beijing, the backbone of the "215" discipline of the Health Bureau and the "ten thousand" (100-level) health talents. Engaged in clinical, teaching and research work in traditional Chinese medicine and integrated Chinese and Western medicine for 23 years. He has solid basic theory of Chinese medicine, systematically masters the progress of modern surgical medicine, and treats chronic refractory skin ulcers, diabetic foot ulcers (dislocation) and peripheral vascular diseases. A series of clinical and experimental studies were conducted. Key specialties of the Ministry of Health, key specialties of the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine, key disciplines, head of the National Regional Medical Center (surgery); national and provincial level, such as the National Natural Science Foundation of China, the Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Commission, and the “Ten Diseases and Ten Drugs” Research work on more than 30 scientific research topics such as bureau level. He has published more than 90 articles in core journals; the editor-in-chief has 6 articles. He was awarded the third prize of the Chinese Medical Association, the Chinese Medicine Association, Huaxia Medicine and Beijing Science and Technology (ranked second).

Research Interest :

Chinese and Western medicine treatment of diabetic foot