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Dr. Eda Alemdar

Dr. Eda Alemdar
Faculty of Medicine in Macedonia
University of Goce Delcev

Biography :

Dr. Eda ALEMDAR was born in Erzurum-Turkey. Graduated from Erzurum Ataturk High School. She continued her studies and researches at University of Goce Delcev, Faculty of Medicine in Macedonia. Dr. Alemdar has two international patents in medicine. She has two inventions, one for cataract treatment and the other one for sinusitis treatment. She was involved in several international projects. These projects are about biological clock & biological rhythm and diseases related to environment. She is also involved in some research projects focused on the relationship between blood and health. According to these projects, blood is considered as the cause of large-scale diseases. When blood is clean and natural, many diseases can be cured, including cancer. She continues her studies and researches in collaboration with some universities and hospitals in Turkey. She has some awards, like Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology award, FETA’s Science and The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TUBITAK). She speaks English, Turkish and Macedonian. The purpose of her work is to develop new ideas in science. All of her work is about just, independent and sustainable wellness.

Research Interest :

Dr. Eda ALEMDAR’s research interest includes History of Medicine, Cataract treatment, Sinusitis remedy, the importance of Biological clock and Biological rhythm in the treatment of diseases, External factors that direct the Biological Clock and role in treatment of disease, and Blood and body health. Key words: Cancer, Biological clock, Blood, Cataract, Sinusitis