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Prof. Mohamed H. EL-Saeid

Prof. Mohamed H. EL-Saeid
Professor of Environmental Chemistry
Chromatographic Analysis Unit Director, College of Food and Agricultural Sciences
King Saud University
Saudi Arabia

Biography :

Mohamed El-Saeid, Ph.D., Professor of Chemistry and environmental Pollution, Food & Agric. College, King Saud Univ. KSA, and Consultant of SCORE and PRC in the Ministry of Higher Education, KSA. Prof. EL-Seaid was a visiting Professor in the Department of Chemistry, Texas Southern University, Houston from 2001 -2005, and Oklahoma State Univ. OSU, OK, 2001. Also was Assistant Professor of Environmental Chemistry, Faculty of Agriculture, Al-Azhar University, Egypt. Obtained Ph.D. ) under the collaboration Program from Texas Southern University, USA) with Al-Azhar University in 1999. More than 40 publications in different areas of Chemistry and Environmental pollution, pesticide residue analysis, POPs, PAHs in Foods, Water, Air, Soil,….etc. by advanced and new techniques of Chromatographic analysis such as GCs, GCMS, GCMSMS, HRGCMSMS, LCMS, LCMSMS, SFC, CEC, CE, SFE, MAE, Sonication and SPE. Dr. EL-Seaid was Researcher of the project funded from RCMI, TSU. TX and a PI of 6 research projects funded from ARC, KSU, KSA. Wrote a book chapter with Dr. Khan, entitled "Analysis of pesticides in food samples by Supercritical Fluid Chromatography". Handbook of Pesticides: 2010, Chapter 5, pp 93-113, Taylor &Frances Group.CRC press. USA. Currently, Prof. El-Saeid PI for 2 Research projects funded by KSNPST with Budget 3,500.000 SR and CO-PI for other 4 Research Projects. Recently in 2014, I translate the Handbook of Pesticides 2010, book to Arabic Language in 2 Volumes (950 Pages).

Research Interest :

Chromatographic analysis, GCs, GCMS, GCMSMS, HRGCMSMS, LCMS, LCMSMS, SFC, CEC, CE, SFE, MAE, Sonication and SPE.