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Prof. Saeed Kalantari

Prof. Saeed Kalantari
Founder of Endocrine Department and Clinic
Guilan University of Medical Sciences

Biography :

Dr. Saeed Kalantari is a professor of endocrinology and metabolism and founder of the Endocrine Department and Clinic at Guilan University of Medical Sciences (GUMS) in Iran, in 1993. He had been the deputy dean of research affairs at GUMS, the vice president and secretary of Continuous Medical Education as well as an active member of several scientific and executive councils. As a faculty member of GUMS, he has years of experience in training medical students, interns and residents. Additionally, he is a representative of the Iranian Diabetes, GDM and Osteoporosis Network in Guilan province and has published several articles in various Iranian and international medical journals. He has been engaged in critical endocrine patient management, clinical trials, observational studies, medical and clinicopathologic conferences as well as medical problem-solving seminars.

Research Interest :

Thyroid and Diabetes.