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Dr. Temesgen Kebede

Dr. Temesgen Kebede
Assistant Professor
Agriculture Lecturing & Conducting Researches
Debere Berhan University

Biography :

 Graduate Assistant I and II (September, 2009 - July, 2012)  Lecturer (July, 2012_ May, 2017) at Aksum University August, 2017- up to the date (Debre Berhan University)  Handling different courses for undergraduate degree students  Preparing teaching materials and manuals which are helpful for students, colleagues, extension workers and farmers  Working in different research activities undertaken by the department in area of Agriculture and Forestry  Participating in curriculum preparation and development  Participating in design and implementation of community service projects  Advise students project and practical attachment  Counsel, assist and guide students  Plant science team leader  Involving in outdoor consultancy services and providing training for Farmers and extension workers  Assists different administrative duties in the College

Research Interest :

Biometrics, Crop Ecology and Cropping System, System Analysis and Crop Modeling, Dry Land Agriculture and Irrigation Management, Plant Physiology, Soil and Plant Nutrition, Crop Husbandry, Current Topics in Agronomy, Graduate Seminar in Agronomy and Thesis.