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Prof. Carmela Saturnino

Prof. Carmela Saturnino
Department of Science
University of Basilicata

Biography :

1980: University of Naples, Degree in Pharmacy with voting: 110 cum laude; thesis in Medicinal Chemistry, entitled: etheroarylcarbossilic acids: preparation and anti-inflammatory activity. July 1982: University of Naples (Postgraduate Diploma in Hospital Pharmacy vote: 50 cum laude).June 1989: University L. Pasteur in Strasbourg (F) (.DEA - Pharmacologie et Pharmacochimie, option = Pharmacochimie. Supervisors prof.C.G.Wermuth and J.J.Bourguignon. October 1990: University of Naples ,PhD in Pharmaceutical Sciences, the object of research: Imidazo-derivatived anti-inflammatory action, studies on structure-activity relationships and mechanism of action).1991-1993: Fellow of the pharmaceutical industry -Servier in Paris and later the University of Caen (F). September 1993 - October 2001: Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences - University of Salerno (researcher, in -Medicinal Chemistry).From November 2001: Department of Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Sciences - University of Salerno (Associate Professor ,Medicinal Chemistry and Toxicology,CHIM08-disciplinary field).He participated in the following co-funded projects (PRIN):April 2018, qualified to Full Professor in Chemical Foundations of Technologies..and Medicinal Chemistry.Co-author of over 100 papers in international scientific journals .

Research Interest :

Research lines: 1) Design, Synthesis and Biological studies of new Antitumor drugs.2) Organo-Metallic complexes with antimicrobial activity.3) Realization of DDS for the control release of drugs.