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Prof. Abdel Rahman Ahmed

Prof. Abdel Rahman Ahmed
Agriculture Engineering Research Institute

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- Classification of tomato fruits using color image analysis technique. - Optical properties for tomatoes maturity stages using visible lasers. - A laser optical method for measuring some physical properties and inference surface area equation of faba bean. - Development a thresher for wheat crop of beater type for maximum productivity. - Development of the manual solitary reeling Japanese machine for reeling the mulberry silkworm bombyx mori l. cocoons. - Development of cutting knives in preparing grapevines for grafting machine. - Some parameters affecting volatile oil extraction process from some seeds of medical and aromatic plants using water distillation unit - Utilization of pneumatic control for grading potato tubers - Light and electrical reflections of visible laser for strawberry maturity stages - Ultraviolet, visible, and infrared wavelengths for determination of palm oil quality

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