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Dr. Yasmine Gomaa, Ph.D.

Dr. Yasmine Gomaa, Ph.D.
Research Scientist & Associate Director
Laboratory of Drug Delivery
Georgia Institute of Technology

Biography :

Yasmine Gomaa is a Research Scientist and the Associate Director of the Laboratory of Drug Delivery at Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, Georgia since January 2017. She earns a BA, MD and Ph D degrees in Pharmaceutical Sciences from Faculty of Pharmacy, Alexandria University, Alexandria, Egypt. She has expertise in the field of transdermal drug delivery especially using microneedle patches with two pending patents, collaborations in academia and industry and many papers published in peer reviewed journals.

Research Interest :

I am interested in vaccine delivery using microneedle patches in an attempt to have a low cost scalable mean of vaccination aiming developing countries who are incompetent with vaccination schemes because of the high cost of vaccine and logistics of transportation and storage of vaccine.