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Dr. Karim Farag

Dr. Karim Farag
Taawenyat Smouha

Biography :

A Senior Consultant to two Agricultural Companies, namely Agrex and Damak( since 2017 until present)

Research Interest :

Applied Physiology Researcher: Use of natural compounds to manipulate fruit ripening, coloration, to retard senescence and to increase plant tolerance to stressful conditions. Such research activities resulted in granting me four patents by the USA Patent Office. Many laboratories around the world have been conducting research based on my discoveries. A natural product called “ LISOPHOS” has been produced in Spain based on my discoveries. • Date palm (manipulation of growth, ripening, and senescence), heat and salt stresses of date palm plants reproduced by tissue culture, increasing productivity and reducing losses of date palm. • Preharvest field application and growth regulators, fruit ripening, and fruit and leaf senescence. • Postharvest treatments of fruits for enhancing shelf life. Microscopy (light, scanning and transmission), ethylene production and plant respiration, cuticle absorption of spray materials.