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Prof. Akbar Nikkhah, BSc, MSc, PhD, Post-Doctorate

Prof. Akbar Nikkhah, BSc, MSc, PhD, Post-Doctorate
Ferdows Pars Agri Livestock Holding Co.
Mostazafan Foundation

Biography :

Professor Akbar Nikkhah holds BSc in Animal Sciences (University of Zanjan, Iran,1999), MSc in Animal Nutrition (Isfahan University of Technology, Iran, 2001), PhD in Dairy Nutritional Physiology (University of Manitoba, Canada, 2007) and Post-Doctorate in Nutritional Genomics and Management (University of Illinois, US, 2008). Nikkhah has humbly received numerous national and international awards & honors. He has authored >50 books and book chapters and >600 scientific publications namely referred articles of scientific, industrial and outreach nature. He has been the winner at World Academic Championship 2017 and 2018 in Animal Science, at the International Agency for Standards and Ratings. He has extensive experience working with poultry (laying hens, broiler breeders, broilers), dairy, beef and sheep industries in Iran and North America. He is an invited speaker in a variety of national and international professional conferences and meetings, and serves >500 national and international journals, conferences, and publishers as chief science advisor, programmer, decision-maker, editor and evaluator.

Research Interest :

Veterinary, Animal Agricultural, Economical, Educational, Medical, Biological, Microbiological, Biochemical, Genomic, Proteomic and Metabolomic, Pharmaceutical, Biotechnological, Animal Agricultural, Nanotechnological, Humanities and Arts, Managerial, Medical, Physiological, Nutritional, Medicinal, Microbiological, Economical, Veterinary, Chronobiochemical, Psychological, Social, Philosophical, Linguistic, Biochemical and Biophysical, Immunological & Pathological, Lingual, and Public Health Sciences