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Dr. Aldo Pezzuto

Dr. Aldo Pezzuto
Faculty of Psychology and Medicine
Sapienza University

Biography :

Since 2008 he managed the outpatients’ service for smoking detection and treatment. The center is surveyed by 'Institute of Health and is operated and provided instrumentation for monitoring smokers. Since 2008 he is also lecturer professor for the course of methodology and Respiratory Diseases of the Faculty of Psychology and Medicine, Sapienza University. During the current year is requested allocation of appointment of high professionalism. He is the main author on the subject of tobacco dependence and smoking cessation applied in cancer , COPD, psychiatry fields. He is also author of abstracts at the SRNT word congress, ESMO congress and ASCO congresses.

Research Interest :

Lung diseases, Pulmonary oncology Smoking cessation and related diseases, lung cancer prevention and treatment