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Dr. Al-Jazar Tareq

Dr. Al-Jazar Tareq
General Manager
Independent Forensic Services
Sweden Uppsala

Biography :

• I am currently working as a general manager for Independent Forensic Services Sweden Uppsala , independent.forensic@consultant.com . • Research project in the Division of Pharmacognosy at Department of Medicinal Chemistry at Uppsala University, Sweden 2017, (Identification of Hepatotoxicity chemicals by using ChemGPS-NP). • 2010- 2014 Teacher in Karlshamn Kommon (biology, chemistry and Physic), • 2006-2010 PhD researcher (Eco-toxicology)in Medical Faculty, Peoples' Friendship University of Russia. • 1990 to 2009, Forensic / human safety-environment in (Royal Scientific Society Jordan / Iraq ) and in different projects in the Middle East.

Research Interest :

Toxicology, water ,wastewater ,sewage contaminated, land water quality. PAH General Toxicology Methods in Toxicology Human and Environmental Toxicology Environmental Risk Assessment and Management Chemistry of Hazardous Substances Environmental Impact Assessment Principles of Marine Biochemistry