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Dr. Yen-Chang Lin

Dr. Yen-Chang Lin
Associate Professor
Graduate Institute of Biotechnology Cell Physiology and Biotechnology Lab
Chinese Culture University

Biography :

My major research interest is to understand the underlying mechanisms of cardiac diseases such as arrhythmias, and the molecular and cellular basis for potential treatment of cardiac diseases. First, a novel mechanism (tyrosine phosphorylation) has been identified and investigated to correct the membrane trafficking defect of the Hyperpolarized Cyclic-Nucleotide gated (HCN) channel mutant that are found in patients with cardiac long QT symptoms. The study is part of applicant’s doctoral dissertation, and has published in international journals. (J. Biol. Chem. 284: 30433-30440, 2009). Currently, the major approaches that I am employing include electrophysiology (patch clamp recording), calcium imaging, immunofluorescence imaging, RNA and protein biochemistry (real-time PCR, immunoprecipitation, biotinylation, and western blotting analyses), as well as animal homeostatic surgery (whole rat or mouse cathetering and drugs administration).

Research Interest :

1) Cardiovascular Physiology; 2) Neurobiology; 3) Environmental Toxicology; 4) Herbal Medicine Development; 5) Metabolomics; 6) Algae research