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Dr. Tsabang Nole

Dr. Tsabang Nole
Researcher & Visiting Lecturer
Faculty of Medicine and Biomedical Science
University of Dschang

Biography :

Tsabang Biography Nolé has completed his PhD at the age of 48 years from Yaounde 1 University. Author of 58 articles and principal investigator of 4 books published by Heifer International Project Cameroon, he has accomplished 31 years of research and has higher education experience including teaching and consulting. Besides Biodiversity and ethnopharmacological research, Dr Tsabang Nolé teaches the following undergraduate and graduate courses: Ecophysiology, Sustainable development, Ethnobotany and socio-economic aspects of Agroforestory, Ethnobotany and environmental health, Environmental health and ecosystems dynamics, Biodiversity and Natural Resources management, Ethnopharmacology, and Traditional medicine, as visiting lecturer at the Faculty of Medicine and Biomedical Science, at the University of Dschang and at the Higher Institute of Environmental Sciences.

Research Interest :

His research has included the following specialties: Botany, Ecology, Ethnobotany, Ethnopharmacology, Ethnoveterinary, Environmental sciences (Climate change, environmental health, ESIA) , Conservation of bioresources etc Research Methods: Botanical identification of recorded plants, Ethnomedical and Ethnopharmacological survey and detailed description of herbal medicines, Ecological influences and data analysis,